Who are we


We are Jacky and Conny and in 2019 we opened our vintage clothing store in Enschede.

It started with selling Jacky's old band clothing and now a fine vintage shop with all kinds of unique hand-picked vintage, mainly from Italy.

You will find vintage originals from the 60s to the 00s, but we also love designer clothing, accessories and bags.

Within Studio Spitsbaard Vintage we maintain the most sustainable business practices possible. We do this by selling clothing that already exists and therefore does not have to be made again, but also by processing fabrics and clothing that are no longer usable in our own line: UP YOU GO!" New wearable garments are designed and handcrafted. We (and you!) also make a small contribution to a circular economy.

We love many styles and that is why Studio Spitsbaard Vintage also has vintage ties and bows, silk shawls, sexy bustiers and vintage collectables.

But also Levi's from the 90s and flower power from the 70s. All pieces that can be worn for years and years because of their quality from the past. Things were made to last!

Are you a photographer or stylist, looking for inspiration or information? Feel free to contact us for a date.

You can also request a search from us.

We are always available for questions and requests, or a hello!


Connie and Jackie